Garden villas in the city borough of Dúbravka Bratislava on the Martina Granca street, in the new southeast part of the residential area of Brižite – North are located in a park area very close to the slopes of Devínska Kobyla.



Orderly environment

An orderly environment of the villa houses creates a friendly family environment. The residential complex is located right next to a pine tree forest. Original trees, which were retained, are neatly complemented by quality landscaping.

Zahradne vily_vtaci

The proximity of the city and direct connection to the urban infrastructure

Garden villas are accessible on foot and by car from the south side of Dúbravka from the streets of Martina Granca and Pri Kríži. Residential houses Villa Rustica and Tarjanne were recently completed in an adjacent residential area. Dúbravka is a fully functional city borough. Many institutions, public and foreign private schools, football and ice hockey stadium, community cultural centre, churches, shops and services are located here. You do not have to travel far for shopping opportunities. Current shops shall be supplemented by a completely new shopping centre BORY, which is build very close. After the construction is finished, you will be able to use a lot of designer shops, cafes, restaurants anda hypermarket. 

Superb transport connection:

  • Bratislava center                    12 km
  • D2 highway                              1 km
  • Public transport stop             400 m
  • Borough centre                        1 km
  • BORY shopping mall             1,5 km 


Housing in contact with nature reserve

On the north side the whole area of Brižite – north is bordering a forest on the slopes of Devínska Kobyla. Devínska Kobyla is an important location, not only in the area of Malé Karpaty, but also in whole of Slovakia and is a popular place for weekend walks. In the centre parts of the reservation, the 5th and highest environmental protection level is applied.



Living in a quiet area

If you lied to enjoy a bit of peace from the busy city centre, Garden villas are just right thing for you. The place where they are located represents a transition between a suburban landscape and urban environment. Nearby, the old part of Dúbravka with its typical rural buildings is still preserved.


Sports opportunities nearby

Sport club Penati is located just a few steps from VILLA VISTA. Sport and recreation areas are being considered east from the houses. Many sport opportunities are located very near, e.g. White Eurovalley Golf Park, Malacky of Penati Golf Resort – Šajdíkove Humence… Next to the residential area of Brižite runs the closes connection from Bratislava to our southern neighbours in Austria: train connection to Vienna via Marcheg and a new tourist bridge to Schlosshof.