Apartments in the Garden villas are not very large, but still comfortable enough for the whole family. Fulfill your dream of healthy living. The project offers a variety of apartments, from 3-room to 4- and 5-room as well as luxury penthouses.



Comfortable lighted and affordable apartments for families

Large terraces, luxury glass walls and French windows allow the penetration of natural forest phenomenon to the interior to create a sense of uniqueness and comfort. Parking is possible in houses garage, which also has a disability access lift.

Flexible and comfortable apartments

The main area of the apartment is the residential area with a large balcony and kitchen. In the larger flats a guest toilet is located by the entrance. In the next section we have arranged a parent bedroom and one or two children bedrooms with an adjacent bathroom. In addition to sinks and tubes, a toilet of bidet and shower are located in the bathroom. Apartments on the fifth floor have large roof terraces – gardens with a panoramic view of the surroundings.


Your apartment will grow with you

Houses construction system is flexible enough to allow a large range of variability of the apartments. With the use of reinforced concrete, wall – column support system, your apartment can grow with you and your family.

Quality housing – a safe investment

Apartments value in good projects is ever increasing, thanks to the concept of quality, which ensures future and sustained appreciation of your investment in Garden villas housing project.