Slightly sloping masses of villa houses are located in pavilions in a gentle downward slope in Záhorská nížina and perpendicular to the service roads they open vies to the picturesque landscape of forests and gardens.


Timeless architectural concept

Timeless architectural concept of the Garden villas builds on the creation of combination of natural environment with a simple architecture, accompanied with a cultivated park landscaping. Houses have a simple, elegant but useful facades with large French windows and prefabricated very deep balconies that form a pleasant play on the facade of the Garden villas, which connects with the residential function of the houses. Thanks to the French windows and deep balconies, all the flats in the Garden villas are bright and have direct contact with nature. Natural phenomenon can fully reach the interior. The four-storey houses are supplemented by a subsided roof deck with beautiful penthouses.


Safe and healthy housing for families with children

The intention of the investor is to create an interconnection of existing natural environment with comfortable and functional living. Open views of the surrounding forest landscape and gardens is created between the houses. The houses are equipped by a large common garage. Direct surroundings of the houses consists of an amenity roof garden – green roof with benches and playground, which hides the garage below. Thanks to the garage being hidden – cars being separated into the garage, the houses surrounding is more beautiful and safer for children.